rising up in spring

June 6, 2011
sorting the months, sorting the hours…

Yes, it’s Moira Lazarus here…

after a year and a half from this blog, wherein I flirted with joining the throngs of other lapsed bloggers…
have been rolling with things in the meantime, racked up more than 8,000 reference photos for this ZEN BOOK OF HOURS project that have kept me far longer at the computer than I ever wanted to be. Am already excited about Part Two, the Tropical Zen Book, having begun to do session work in South Florida again. Lush Life.
Last summer (year?) was one immense distraction, but here I am back again in focus. The Zen Book project is on the table for the summer, and I hope to announce very soon a community funding vehicle through which it can finally be finished, be dancing in your hands.
Stay tuned!
Thanks in the meantime to those of you who’ve been supportive through postcard, print and book sales. Keeping the flame alive…


September 16, 2009



love that low-hanging fruit

September 15, 2009

stole a couple hours and went into the Wiesengrund with a bucket… came out with my arms full of elderberries, blackberries, mirabellen, plums… here’s to a life of abundance…



St. Robert’s Wort in September

September 8, 2009

here’s a little sweet thing, growing all over the place where I live, that I’m just learning about… the German name is Stinkender Storchschnabel: stinking geranium! It seems to be great help in reducing tumors. These are three of the fading leaves, lapsing into rainbow mode:



yo through August

September 4, 2009

well… through the summer juggling further glimpses into color… more posted in the months on the right of this page, more posted daily going on…




March 13, 2009

wrestling with imminent computer crash today… oh, lordy loo… so further images will be further delayed… painting in the meantime…


art show shots posted

March 4, 2009











look for the link on the right here under “Pages”… frankfurt show – installation shots… to virtually join me here. Lovely space, Katja Zeller and Ute Reussenzehn in their blumenwerkstatt bornheim have made wonderful “roots and seeds and brambles” to sing with my big stark botanical works. Enjoy.