February 12, 2009

I just put in the little map on the right– and am curious to know your thoughts.

Is it way cool ?…or … more than we need to know?

It’ll take a few days for the “blanket” to appear; for me it’s an interesting confirmation and reality check to see this tenuous network manifest so specifically. I continue to harbor the illusion that it is in fact all a (my)neighborhood…



  1. Hi – I put one on my front web page last year and love it.
    Some of the ‘freebie’ maps can have ‘hidden agendas’ though so just have to seek out what is reputable and transparent.

  2. Interesting. It’s all new to me… couldn’t have imagined that there would be multiple firms doing this.
    And ;-((( you’re right: Australia’s not showing up! I’ve emailed the support people, will see what happens. Bummer.
    Thanks for visiting anyway.

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