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roots & seeds & brambles

February 15, 2009


brownfront0209smallShow opening next week.  







the swamp de-mystifies

February 13, 2009

YYAYYY! Just got word they put the ART back in HEART down there in Congress. YYAYYY!

from Americans for the Arts:

A United Voice
This is an important victory for all of you as arts advocates.  More than 85,000 letters were sent to Congress, thousands of calls were made, and hundreds of op-eds, letters to the editor, news stories, and blog entries were generated in print and online media about the role of the arts in the economy.  Artists, business leaders, mayors, governors, and a full range of national, state, and local arts groups all united together on this advocacy issue.  This outcome marks a stunning turnaround of events and exemplifies the power of grassroots arts advocacy. 


wonderful world

February 13, 2009

… and to balance that last Post, thanks to Cedar Lee and YouTube, here’s some salvation. (as Cedar warns: look out for the cute-o-meter):



Happy Valintimes.


love bites

February 13, 2009


Forcible Divorce?

18,000 happy couples/families?

Ken Starr’s at it again. See the video, sign the petition direct to the Supreme Court. You can tell sometimes I get riled by politics. This is just vindictive and mean.

Love Rules.





February 12, 2009

I just put in the little map on the right– and am curious to know your thoughts.

Is it way cool ?…or … more than we need to know?

It’ll take a few days for the “blanket” to appear; for me it’s an interesting confirmation and reality check to see this tenuous network manifest so specifically. I continue to harbor the illusion that it is in fact all a (my)neighborhood…


new year

February 10, 2009











Happy Belated Lunar New Year… the Golden Ox, mmmm, my Old Friend…


hold-in-your-hand art

February 8, 2009











For those who didn’t get the word by other means, here’s the link to see/buy the catalog I made for my last big show in Germany. You can look at an animated preview of the book, and if you want it they will print one up just for you! They also work with various currencies. Ain’t technology grand.

If you’d rather get a copy direct from me, signed and everything, you can send a quick email or leave a comment here. In a minute I’ll have a way to do it on the website… but not yet.

74 pages long, color every page, with descriptive essays on every piece in English and in German, and you can find it here:

Thanks for looking.